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2015-10-06 17:18:14

Check out the latest technology: PETNOSTICS with mobile app urine analyser.

Petnostics is a urine cup combined with a 10 parameter urine reagent strip, the same test used by vets, to allow you to check your cat or dog’s health using your iPhone.

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2015-07-10 13:40:22

Petnostics successfully pitch to Scion Motivatour Challenge.

Well done to Stephen and his team at Petnostics in the USA for successfully winning the Scion Motivatour Challenge.

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2015-07-10 13:32:38

St Johns Ambulance Products Coming Soon!

Our new ranges of St Johns Ambulance branded products will be available soon. Providing emergency services to the NHS, supporting local and major events and training thousands of people in first aid every year,

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